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Betapalooza Letter

Dear prompt recipient,

Hello and hey!!


First off: you rock. This promises to be an AWESOME event and I'm so happy you decided to join in. These weird kids from an even weirder webcomic deserve all the love they can get.

Secondly: Thank you so much!!! I am super pumped for whatever you make, whether it be art or fic or a bit of both. :D

Thirdly: to business! For the most part I'm up for pretty much anything. I love fluff, I love wrenching interpersonal drama; fun actiony junk, character studies, small intimate personal moments, gut-busting silly nonsense, sprawling plotfic, a genre-clusterfuck of the above - throw it at me, I am VERY here for it.

I have a few "Please No"s as well, which go like this:

  • No extreme/super graphic gore or non-con
  • No unresolved interpersonal drama (having it end with a "we're comitted to working on this even though we have a looong way to go" is very much okay however)
  • No perma-dead Beta Kids, or Beta Kids left perma-dead by the end (the "doomed timeline" prompt being an exception to this, aha)
  • No turning any of the kids irreversibly evil

Aaaand that covers the big stuff, I think! Here's a few more points, which are more focused on stuff I like:

  • Of the Betas John is my Forever Kid, with Jade and Rose very close on his heels. Focusing a bit more on one or more of them would be icing on the cake, and keeping the spotlight more so on Prospit twins would double the bonus points.
  • Outside of the Betas: Alpha Kids are Very Rad in my book and I'd happy to see any of them make an appearance! I also love Calliope, the Guardians (pre- and post-Scratch), pretty much any of the carapaces, and of the trolls I especially like Terezi, Aradia, Kanaya, Karkat, and Vriska (Sollux can come too, I'm fond). I don't care much for the Beforan trolls outside of Meenah and Arania, alas.
  • Romance-wise John/Jade and Rose/Dave are the only Beta-Kid-ship combos I'm not super hot on as their own thing, BUT in a BetaOT4 context I do enjoy them! If you decide to pass on incorporating those into BetaOT4 though...
  • SIBLING DYNAMICS!!! Literally one of my favorite things in fiction. Siblings goofing around, getting along, being each other's best friends. Siblings sitting in comfortable silence; sitting in tense silence. Siblings sniping at each other. Siblings making up. Siblings in cahoots. In short please feel free to go to town here, I'll love every minute of it.
  • Another one of my favorite things, as sort of indicated above: People working through their issues. With each other, with themselves; learning and growing and becoming stronger kinder more compassionate people. Offer as much of this as you think any one person can stand and I'll say "YES PLEASE."
    • (One Good and Cool way to be my hero forever: work in some reconciliatory chats between Jade and John in any post-Sburb setting *double pistols and a wink*)
  • Possibly my favorite trope of all time: found families. Work in some emphasis on this and again, you will be my hero.

If you'd like, you can also check out my tumblr to get a feel for the sorts of things I look for, both in Homestuck and things in general.

One last thing: if you're inspired by, say, a certain aspect of a prompt and feel like it's drawing you in a different direction from the rest of it, that is TOTALLY welcome (and even encouraged)! Aside from the "Please No"s and similar from the requests themselves, the prompts are more guidelines than parameters. Feel free to go wild here!

And hey, I think that should do it. Again, thanks for joining Betapalooza + being my prompt recipient. I'm looking WAY the heck forward to whatever you have in store. :DE

Regards and well wishes,